Student Stories

Don’t take our word for it — read and watch as students tell their inspiring stories — you’ll soon discover why Indigo Yoga Studio has been rated 5-stars from day one by our students.

My health and happiness go up with every Downward Dog!!!!

Indigo Yoga Studio is an amazing studio with a wonderful staff who skillfully engage with everyone—beginners and advanced yogis. Joining the studio clearly improved my life—every class helps me to relax after a stressful day and build my strength and flexibility in a supportive environment. My health and happiness go up with every Downward Dog! Genya’s enthusiasm for yoga, teaching and his students shines through and makes me call this studio my ‘home’.

Marina Morgenshtern, PhD, MSW

Super Yoga Class!

Indigo Yoga Studio provides the traditional yoga class with a fun core working twist on the Barre. The instructors are helpful and accommodate to all levels of practice. The space and class community are intimate for a great yoga experience.

Dr. Zahra Bardai

Love this Studio!

Genya is a highly skillful and attentive teacher, and his classes are just the right combination of challenge, creativity and care. I feel fortunate to have such a gifted teacher and lovely studio in my neighborhood.

Caroline Dupont, Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Director, Holistic Nutritionist, Author

I’d highly recommend this studio!

I took a yoga class at Indigo Yoga Studio and it was absolutely wonderful. My mind always goes a mile a minute, but the breathing exercises and poses in this class were fantastic at helping me slow down. I felt like I was able to find some much-needed inner peace and quiet at the end of a long day! I’d highly recommend this studio!

Kristina Virro

Variety, personal attention and a loving atmosphere.

I am a member of the studio and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be fit, healthy and energized! The studio is very clean and cozy. There are classes for every level and ability – from beginner to advanced. I have been doing yoga for many years now and appreciate the opportunity to learn and do even more. Variety, personal attention and a loving atmosphere are all important components of “Indigo Yoga Studio”. Don’t hesitate and join our group of yoga enthusiasts!

Marina Reznikov

Indigo Yoga Studio has become my sanctuary…

Indigo Yoga Studio has become my sanctuary. Genya and all of the instructors very knowledgeable , caring and make every class a new learning experience. I love the relaxing and calming environment provided by Indigo Yoga Studio. Each and every instructor is always available to help with my personal needs. After every class I always feel relaxed and I have a more positive outlook to help me move throughout my day, Thank you Indigo Yoga Studio!

Lisa Harling

If only I lived closer… I would attend classes daily!

I had the opportunity to attend a class as a guest while visiting my sister who speaks very highly of this studio. What a beautiful studio, friendly & knowledgeable instructors and a fantastic selection of classes. If only I lived closer… I would attend classes daily!

Tina Newman, RMT

I am a senior and I am always given lots of attention in poses.

I absolutely love this studio. Genya and all of his instructors are extremely helpful to your Individual needs. I have practiced yoga on and off for many years and this studio far surpasses any other. I am a senior and I am always given lots of attention to poses. Good bye sleeping aides hello meditation! I walk through there door and I am home.

Nancy Avenus

I feel like a new person, since I have found this studio!

Genya and his instructors offer a variety of classes each day. You can do Hatha Flow one day and Pilates the next. Therefore enabling you to have a balanced program of stretching, breathing, core and strengthening! All the instructors offer a wealth of knowledge and are exceptionally focused on your individual needs. I feel like a new person, since I have found this studio!

Nadine Togneri, Right At Home Realty

A place to allow the individual to move fordward

Here is a place, a space, some music, gentle direction and warm encouragement from excellent teachers to allow myself to move forward and reconnect with some of my needs. How liberating and fulfilling it feels to use mindfull breathing, motion, exercises and free dance to improve levels of happiness and well being ! Thank you Indigo Yoga Studio !

Isabelle Hémon

Challenge your mind and body

Indigo Yoga Studio is the rarest gem in the neighbourhood. Genya has created an incredibly inviting, accessible space to practise yoga, barre and pilates at every level and still feel challenged! When I walk out of class I feel taller, stronger and ready for wherever the day or night may take me.


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Wonderfully creative yoga class !

Genya teaches a wonderfully creative yoga class, addressing multiple ability levels effortlessly, and sensitively tuning into both physical and philosophical nuances. This is yoga at its finest.

Linda Keith

After each class I feel energized and relaxed!

Indigo Yoga Studio is an incredible place to learn more about yoga and your body. Genya and the rest of his staff do an incredible job educating you about the poses that you’re taking, and helping you progress as a student. After each class I feel energized, relaxed, and incredible excited for my next practice. The atmosphere in the studio is very engaging and friendly, and you really feel as though you’re part of a community each time you attend a class.

Gabriela Morgenshtern

An Incredible Yoga Experience

The moment I walked into this studio, I felt both inspired and at home. Genya is one of the most authentic and experienced teachers I have ever had the privilege of taking a class with. His classes facilitate integration by using the body’s intelligence. This skill requires a sound knowledge of anatomy, movement and yoga philosophy as well as a dedicated personal practice. I’m thrilled to have Indigo Yoga Studio so close to my home.

Tracey Soghrati, Soghrati Yoga

My body,mind and spirit transformed!

I love going to Indigo Yoga Studio. I have been practicing yoga for at least 6 years and the past 2 yrs at Indigo. My body (muscle development, flexibility, strength), my mind (relaxation, breathing) and my Spirit (peacefulness, calmness, happiness) have benefited from practicing at Indigo. I find it to be a very friendly, community oriented place to be. I recommend it greatly. Namaste.

Marilyn Clark

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