Relax Into Your Power: Russian Systema Explained by Stephen Dietrich

For our upcoming Systema Workshop this October 19th, Stephen Dietrich is here to broaden our understanding of what Russian Systema is and what physical and mental benefits it can bring to your everyday life. 


Hello everyone! My name is Stephen Dietrich, and I am excited to partner with Indigo Yoga to bring you Russian Systema. I am certified to teach Systema from the co-founder Vladimir Vasiliev, and I train daily at his school.

Many people have never heard of Systema. This is a brief introduction to the art and it’s benefits.


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Systema is a complete system for life that has it’s roots in Russia, back to the tenth century.

Systema is an “art for the people”. It was designed to be a guide in every aspect of people’s lives. Systema directly and efficiently covers almost all areas of health and psychological development, leaving trainees feeling more energized, relaxed and confidant.

The basis of Systema is to develop relaxed power. To strip away all the unnecessary effort and worry and leave us with what is needed and powerful.

Systema makes use of 4 basic pillars of training: breathing, relaxation, movement and structure. Each of these affects and is connected to the other.

In Ancient times, Russian Warriors used the practices of Systema to deal with the trauma they experienced in battle, both physical and psychological. In much the same way, Systema can be applied to the battles we face in everyday life. All the stress, worry and tension we burden ourselves with can be cleaned and replaced with ease and calm.

Many of the breathing techniques and philosophies come from the Russian Orthodox Church. Systema has it’s history in combat and spirituality, much the same way Tai Chi and Kung Fu do. And now, Systema can be used in modern life to help us stay strong, motivated and prevent burnout.


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Systema is ideal and appropriate for anyone. It is beneficial to those who have experienced injuries, emotional trauma and chronic stress. Systema can be described as “meditation in movement”: we actively train concepts of mindfulness and awareness in practical and tangible training scenarios. Everything you learn in Systema can be easily and immediately applied to your daily life.

The training practices can be as gentle or intense as every individual practitioner is comfortable with. There are no “advanced” moves, as everyone works within their own limitations in every drill.

The focus is on profound breathing work, and relaxation drills to initiate a deep sense of calm. From there, movement and structure are introduced to further the study.

Systema training is the perfect way to build a strong, relaxed body. It teaches us how to exercise in a way that we can prevent injury and maintain our youthfulness for our entire life. The practices are restorative in nature, but also always teach us to be strong.

Taken from Fight Club Systema’s Instagram Page

I am excited to bring this art to all of you. I believe it compliments yoga beautifully and in fact can benefit any activity in your life.

In the introductory class I will be going deeper into the history of Systema, and we will them jump right into some exercises that you can use right away to get healthier and relax deeper!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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