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Tracey Soghrati
Yoga Teacher, BSc., BSc.N, RN, C-IAYT

“My vision is to share yoga philosophy & practice in a manner that is authentic, accessible and applicable to modern day life. I’m a passionate change-maker with a critical eye and the capacity to inspire people to action.”

Caroline Dupont
Yoga Teacher, M.Sc.

“I feel most alive when offering my understanding of the relationship between the spiritual journey, the body, mind, emotions and subtle energy to help you to access the inherent goodness and beauty
of your unique and precious Life.​”

Rachel Piccolo
Yoga Teacher

​”​My passion for yoga is matched by sharing it with others. Teaching and motivating students to feel at home with their bodies, to see their truth , their potential and strength. ​I’m motivated to lead ​students to more balanced lives by building stronger healthier minds and bodies​.​”​

Genya Klaiman
Yoga Teacher, Director

“In my classes I invite students to find proper alignment, with just enough intensity as well as flexibility to acknowledge and honour their own unique needs and intentions. This experience of ‘self-sensing’ and ‘self-awareness’ becomes a tool that you’ll apply in your daily life”

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