Indigo Lifestyle: Early Morning Crew Summertime Quadrathalon

I think it’s safe to say that summer is finally here to stay. The birds are chirping, the cicadas are stirring, and it’s feeling more and more like we need to dedicate more time outdoors and away from the monotony of office life.


Unlike your typical yoga studio in Richmond Hill, we take a morning in the outdoors to the next level.


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The Early Bird Gets the Worm

That is exactly what our early morning crew does every Wednesday at 6am! Make the most of your summer by joining our quadrathalon-ers for a 75-minute power routine. Take part in the Indigo Yoga community by taking on this 4-course activity composed of running, swimming, yoga, and functional movement.


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The More the Merrier

If 6am seems too early for you, maybe make it your goal to join us at least once this summer! You might just end up showing up every week after. If you’re interested in joining our quadrathalon-ers Wednesday mornings, join our Quadrathalon Series Event on Facebook. 


Check out what else is happening at Indigo Yoga Studio in Richmond Hill on our Events page. 

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