Class Types

Harmony - Hatha Flow

Find the calm within the storm, the stillness in the movement and the flow of breath within stillness… this class will incorporate hatha postures that mindfully flow from one to another with some pauses in between for added instruction.  You will have the opportunity to deepen the strength of your practice by holding the poses for longer and maybe, if appropriate for your level, trying other postures that require more strength and flexibility, balance and control.  This class is appropriate for practitioners with some previous experience.

Transcend - Yang to Yin Yoga

Tracey uses evidence-based movement, breathwork and psychology to synergistically transform your lived experience. The first half of the class will be dynamic, functional and strong, while the last half of the class will guide you on a journey of deep self-reflection and growth. Specific breathing practices will relax your nervous system and you will leave feeling strong, stable and calm.

ClearBeing - Restorative Yoga & Meditation.

Through restorative movements & postures, as well as guidance around navigating the inner world of body, mind, emotions & energy we strengthen our connection to Soul, which informs our authentic
unfolding as spiritual beings in physical form. The deliberate, quiet & mindful pace creates the possibility of greater awareness & intimacy with the whole self than is generally available in daily life and more active movement forms. Tending to ourselves in this way allows for the Soul to more consistently inform our human life, leading to our natural harmonious state of peace, health & joy.

Deep Strength - Organic Movement

This class will challenge your body and mind with a diverse selection of strength, mobility and stability
exercises from different training modalities including yoga, resistance training and mobility conditioning.
The holistic and balanced structure of the program will help you to build total body strength, establish
an inner sense of responsibility in reducing risk of injury, and improving overall well-being. Prepare to
step out of your comfort zone and challenge not just your body but also your mind while using
resistance apparatus which will create brain stimulation, improve coordination and agility. In true
synergy between mind and body, strength becomes more than just discipline and willpower…it is the
drive that creates an empowered life. We believe that a strong body holds a strong mind. This class is
open for all levels, ages and sizes.

Find Balance - Mindful Movement

Combining yoga philosophy, mindfulness practice, breathwork and chakra-balancing intentional movement, this class will help you to bring all your systems into mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance. Suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. 

Feel Vibrantly Alive - Elemental Awakening Breathwork & Meditation

Using deep breathing practices, and guided meditation set to music, this immersive experience will help you to reach deeper states of consciousness. Elemental breathwork encourages emotional release, relaxation and deep introspection, and will leave you feeling lighter, present and vibrantly alive. 
**PLEASE NOTE** this class requires students to bring an eye mask

Rejuvenate - Restorative Yin

Introduction to Chakra Theory combining philosophy and science, you will learn the qualities and attributes of each chakra in order to find balance within each energetic vortex, which is the key to improving physical and mental well-being.  This class will be relaxing, and is suitable for all levels of practitioners.

Surrender With Grace - Yin Yoga

Surrender with Grace with the practice of Yin Yoga.

This practice integrates mindfulness, meditation, focused pranayama awareness (breath work) and movements of your body, leaving you feeling deeply connected to yourself, others around you and the world around you. Yin yoga relieves stress, alleviates tension, and targets deep into our fascia and organs while promoting blood and oxygen flow. Learn how to surrender gracefully with this deep practice. Yin yoga is suitable for yogis of all levels looking to deepen their awareness and can promote deep healing for people recovering from trauma and/or injuries, for athletes looking to increase their range of motion and for students who are looking for a companion to Yang practice.

Building Inner Competence - Dharma Hatha

Learn and build upon the foundations of yoga in order to develop a sustainable yoga practice. You will be guided through yoga asana and alignment, simple breathing and meditation practices, and ultimately be equipped with the necessary tools to continue your yoga journey with competence and joy. Remember, it’s not “how far” we go, but rather “how” we go. This course is designed for students of all levels.

Discover Your Best Self - Indigo Flow

An invitation to discover your breath… to find its rhythm and depth in order to feel, create and flow within the rhythm and vibration of your body. This class will combine mindful movement and breathwork to access the para-sympathetic nervous system to find calm and ease in the mind and body. You will access inner and outer strength, and cultivate competence and comfort to express and create through movement. This class is suitable for all levels of practitioners.

Calm Presence - Gentle Hatha & Meditation

We’ll engage in gentle, slow hatha yoga movements which will be perfect for creating a more intimate relationship with the body which in turn will allow for release of tension and stress and will allow for a sense of relaxation

Peaceful Clarity - Honey Flow

A gentle moving-through-sweet -honey easy flow class that will focus on the fundamentals of alignment, and tapping into elements of strength, flexibility, stability, balance and vitality while paying close attention to breath and intentional movement. Give yourself permission to slow down, reconnect with breath and body to find peace and calm in body and mind. This class is suitable for all levels of practitioner… even those who are allergic to bees!

Qi Gong

Qi (Chi) Gong is China’s ancient art of self healing which combines gentle yet powerful movements, breathing techniques, visualizations and healing sounds to increase vital energy and maximize the quality of life. This practice is suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners and fitness enthusiasts and perfect for beginners to yoga.

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