Alma Mats Meets Indigo Lifestyle

As the realities of climate change become readily apparent, more and more people and businesses have opted to implement sustainable initiatives in both their daily routines and operations. Maybe you’ve made the decision to minimize your carbon footprint by go purchasing an electric car, or maybe you’ve decided to make the decision to go vegan or vegetarian for health and/or environmental reasons. Some of us support businesses that are dedicated to promoting the welfare of our environment, either by donating a portion of their revenue to funding climate-change studies, or by manufacturing products through less wasteful and more sustainable means. A sustainable business you can back on the yoga side of things is Alma Mats.


While away, Indigo Yoga Studio’s Director, Genya met Dasha, the founder of Alma Mats – a Toronto based high quality and eco-friendly yoga accessories brand.

Alma actually means “soul” in Spanish, which makes sense provided the brand is dedicated to to building a community for yoga practitioners around the world from beginners to advanced of all nationalities, cultures, shapes, and sizes.

Genya was able to try out the Alma Mats Travel Mat – a mat which can be used by any body type, on any surface. The Alma Travel Mat is durable, grippy, machine washable, features Alma-Alighn System, inspiring designs, made from natural rubber and recycled plastic bottles.


If you’re always on the go, or are just in need of a new mat – consider Alma Mats products for your next purchase! Check out their Website by clicking here, or see what they’re up to on Facebook and Instagram. 


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