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Now is the time.
Time for a new beginning.


Step in to this special space and feel more connected,
inspired, motivated and truly, vibrantly alive.
Come as you are. 
Here, you will reveal the best version of yourself
through the transformative magic of yoga.


No one else can do this for you.
Now is your time …

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 About Indigo Yoga Journey 

Indigo Yoga Studio was established in April of 2014 and is the manifestation of a life long journey of health, wellness and fitness combined with mindful movement of the owner Genya Klaiman.

Indigo Yoga Studio fuses different lineages of Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, Holistic Nutrition, Qi Gong and Breath Work for our students in an intimate studio setting that welcomes all practitioners of all ages and across all demographics.

We are Holistic Wellness & Educational Centre. We welcome students from all backgrounds and walks of life and offer an integrative approach to strengthen body, mind and spirit. We are committed to serve with our methodical, interdisciplinary and functional approach, so that students experience deep transformation with impactful and lasting results.

Welcome to Indigo Yoga Studio

Meet Yoga Quests

QUEST is a theme based classes focused on mind, body and spirit that allow you to go through the process of your own development. Although Quest sessions can be taken individually, attending the entire series is intended to foster greater depth and integration of the subject matter, and guide you to:

Have more energy in your day to day life.

Improve how you use your time and energy.

Clarify priorities and what makes you happy.

Create new healthy habits that stick.

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