One Year Journey by Tracey Soghrati

A yoga practice becomes a profoundly effective tool for self-realization, resilience and evolution when we can integrate the experience we have on our mats, with the rest of our reality.  It is so common to live fragmented lives, both internally and externally, and through yoga we gradually experience connection.  It starts with uniting the body, breath and mind and gradually expands into a communion of shared creativity, compassion, ideas, and dreams. The microcosm that we are, and that we live every day is an integral part and representation of the macrocosm – the world.  Only when we realize and accept this, can we also surrender to the imperative of knowing and caring for ourselves. 

Students of yoga will often come to a place where they want to explore who they are through the lens of this practice and this will inevitably lead them to a teacher training.  While teaching yoga is a worthy and highly rewarding path, a teacher training focuses on teaching one how to assess their students.  And while there is some self-reflection, it can get lost in learning anatomy, postures and sequencing. 

The One Year Journey was designed to offer both yoga teachers and students a way to fully engage with themselves through yoga practices, meditation and their community.  There is no need to be an expert in any way, only to be curious about the nature of our own experiences and how this makes us feel, think and act. Each class over the year includes one-hour of vinyasa yoga, one-hour of yin yoga and one hour of group processing. The students also receive a manual that is filled with meditations, yoga practices and tools for reflection for each month. The manual itself, is structured around the models of the chakra system and traditional Chinese medicine to allow practitioners the opportunity to explore these facets of yoga.  Students inevitably leave this year with a feeling of greater stability and a stronger connection to their self and purpose. 

If you have any questions about this program, I am happy to answer them for you – it really is a life-altering experience! 

More about Tracey’s workshop and classes at the studio.


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