OK, if you got this far, you’ve arrived at a decision point.


This decision could be the difference that makes your life so much better than you had even imagined possible. Your next step is simple.

Hi I’m Genya, Indigo Yoga Studio’s director.

My mantra is “serve one student at a time“. 

All of us at Indigo put our hearts into creating personalized practice schedules for our students. 

We offer a range of classes suitable for beginners and more advanced yoga enthusiasts.

Our teachers have experience with students dealing with a wide variety of health challenges, including sports & yoga injuries, scoliosis, anxiety, depression, medical treatments such a chemotherapy, recovery from stroke and heart attack, and more.

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You have a couple of options to get started on your journey …


If you are familiar with yoga and/or don’t have any health concerns or injuries, you are welcome to review our ONLINE SCHEDULE and select a class you would like to attend.  From here, you can register online and setup your new student intro package.    

If you prefer, you can register in person.  For the first visit, we need you to arrive 20 minutes prior to your class to register for the New Student Intro Package.  

For those new to yoga,  we would suggest any of the “Restorative” or “Gentle” yoga classes.  


If you have any concerns or injuries and prefer to speak with one of our staff first,  you can get started by completing the form on this page.  We will then contact you to schedule a complimentary individual assessment with a yoga teacher to ensure that you start your transformation safely and effectively.

We look forward to meeting you and guiding you on the journey to the best version of YOU!

If you have any questions please call us at 905-508-9642.

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