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Genya Klaiman
Studio Director, Teacher

“In my classes I invite students to find proper alignment, with just enough intensity to acknowledge and honour their own unique needs and intentions. This experience of ‘self-sensing’ and ‘self-awareness’ becomes a tool that I encourage my students to apply in their daily life”

After completing kinesiology in 2003, Genya set out on a journey to discover the mind-body-spirit benefits of Yoga.

Combining knowledge and experience gained in the past twenty years,he offers a highly integrated approach by fusing elements from Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Qi Gong.
As a Yoga teacher and therapist, Genya has assisted in improving the lives of numerous individuals who have reached out to him with a variety of health conditions and life challenges. In addition, he is certified in several trainings including Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Thai Massage.

Caroline Dupont
Teacher, M.Sc.

I feel most alive when offering my understanding of the spiritual journey, the body, mind, emotions and energy to help you to access the inherent goodness and beauty of Life so that you can make embodied authentic realizations and lasting shifts.

My greatest interest is exploring the profound contribution of individual healing to relationship, family, community, planetary and global healing.

Since the early 1980’s I’ve immersed myself in the ever expanding yet paradoxically ever simplified world of human health. I’m a certified yoga instructor, and a registered holistic nutritionist; I have a master’s degree in exercise physiology, and a black belt in the Nia Technique (a holistic movement form); I’ve trained and sat with a number of meditation and spiritual teachers including many extended silent retreats; I work with energy intuitively.

Over the past 30 years I’ve taught thousands of students, worked with hundreds of clients individually, developed numerous courses, and led various retreats. Visit

Tracey Soghrati

Tracey’s vision is to share yoga philosophy & practice in a manner that is authentic, accessible and applicable to modern day life. Her classes are grounded in a sound knowledge of the physical body and a humble perspective on the power of the mind. She seeks to incorporate self-inquiry as a tool of self-realization in every practice and she specializes in delivering classes (yin yoga & vinyasa) that are healing and invigorating for all levels of the body.

Tracey’s formal education includes post-secondary studies in molecular biology, nursing, critical care nursing, advanced life support, anatomy & pathophysiology, parenting/child development, health education, perinatal care, swedish massage and thai yoga massage. As well, she is a Yoga Therapist and has completed over 2000 hours in yoga teacher training of various lineages (Hatha, Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Yin, Prenatal, Yoga Therapy (Sri T Krishnamacharya), Yoga Nidra, & Restorative Yoga).

Tracey has had the honour of educating yoga teachers in Toronto and Internationally through her own Yin Yoga teacher Training as well as through various yoga teacher training programs and mentorship. It is her sincere desire to share the poignant wisdom of yoga, and to support all students in their desire to see themselves clearly, and to love all that they see.

Rachel Piccolo

Rachel‘s passion for yoga is matched by sharing it with others. Teaching and motivating students to feel at home with their bodies, to see their truth , their potential and strength. She is motivated to lead them to more balanced lives by building stronger healthier minds and bodies.

Rachel has always been passionate about exercising and living a healthy lifestyle, trying every form of exercise. First, coming to explore an Igengar Style yoga, which taught her alignment and body awareness. Later, she explored Vinyasa yoga, where she found her true love. The connection between breath, body and flowing movement was like a dance, meditation in movement. She was able to move and feel strong, connect to her breath and transcend in mind, one complete package.

Teaching Vinyasa and Hatha yoga allowed her to share the knowledge of alignment and body awareness to her students…the result: a breath oriented, intelligent and sometimes sweaty practice leaving you feeling grace, truth and freedom in your life!

Khim Lim
Teacher, Yoga Health Coach

Khim was a successful corporate employee travelling around the world before she founded a hot yoga studio. Yoga has humbled her to find herself from within and to cultivate the right attitude towards life where she feels peace, joy and love!

Her style infuses Classical Yoga and Vinyasa Flow with creative sequencing and inspiring theme, allowing students to focus on mind and body. Her intention is to help students find their inner voice through regular practice of yoga while enjoying the side effects of healthy mind and body.

Khim is a RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance and International Board of Yoga.

Khim is also a Yoga Health Coach trained by Cate Stillman of She helps her students to up-level their health using practical and integrative approach of ancient wisdom (Yoga + Ayurveda) and modern science (Habit evolution).

Dr. Vasant Lad ~ “Yoga and Ayurveda are the two sides of the same coin, without one, the other one is incomplete.”

Dory Noor

Dory’s Yoga Journey started in Hamilton where she took her first Yoga class at a Moksha Yoga studio. Through practicing Yoga she found a healthier body and a focused mind. After finding a more balanced perspective of life through Yoga she felt an urge to show others the benefits of Yoga.

In 2015 Dory acquired her 300 hour certificate in Kelowna BC and her 500 hour certificate in 2016 and 100 hour Moksha Flow in Nicaragua 2017.

Her love and passion for Yoga grows with every passing day and she finds sharing that love and knowledge to be a profound privilege. Her extensive educational background in business, science and physical anthropology bolsters her unique methods of teaching and communicating with people. It is easy for her to connect with different array of people from all walks of life, she makes it simple for her students to recognise the relevance of each pose in daily life and “the real world”.

Dory is also a certified Reflexologist and incorporates adjustments and massage throughout her classes, assisting her students while making the class easy to follow. She hopes while evoking a physical and mental challenge during her classes to also provide support and ease for her students, creating a safe space for growth and awareness.

Sara Salehi

Exploring the body-mind connection is at the core of all I do. Academically, I hold a Masters of Science in Neuroscience & Rehabilitation Science. I draw on all my training in order to expand consciousness individually and on a broader scale.

My background as a scientist is in psychology and neuroscience. As an educator and teacher, my style comes from a unique marriage between knowledge of the human brain and body. I focus on guiding students through a conversation with their bodies, while using the breath as an awareness tool.

Over the years, I have completed an array of teacher trainings in different styles of yoga, including Moksha, Moksha Flow, Pre and post natal yoga, as well as yin and restorative. Recently I went to the jungle to add Thai yoga massage to my repertoire and completed multiple intensives that have enhanced my understanding & knowledge.

I can’t wait to share some of these tools of resilience with you to enhance your understanding of the human body and brain.

Alexei Panioukhine

Alexei has been practicing yoga since 2007 and teaching since 2013. He completed his first 200 hours teacher training in Hot Yoga Wellness in Toronto in 2010, and then his second 200 hours teacher training in Downward Dog in Toronto in 2016. Recently he started to take courses towards 500 hours certification in Downward Dog. He is grateful to his teachers Sujun Chen, Ron Reid, Marla Joy, and many others.
For Alexei yoga is an integrated discipline that unites asana, kriya, pranayama, and meditation practice. His personal asana practice is based on classical hatha and vinyasa yoga with added movements influenced by his previous martial arts practice.
In his classes he encourages students to be aware of their limitations and to avoid injury guiding them to modify poses according to their ability. He also focuses on synchronizing movement with breath and usually includes breath control exercises in his classes.

Stacie Goldin

Practicing mindful yoga has been a part of my life since 1995, with my first experience at Yoga Centre Toronto. I practiced Hatha and Iyengar yoga for 2 years, and then began discovering other disciplines of yoga and mindful movement such as Vinyasa and Tai Chi, which became a large part of my active life.

Then I discovered Yin.

I have been practicing Yin yoga since 2013. From my first class I was completely hooked, and felt as though I had found exactly what I was looking for. I love how Yin yoga is a full integration of your physical body, your breath, your emotions and your thoughts. The Traditional Chinese Medicine teachings and Yogic principles that are taught alongside a Yin practice really resonate with me, and have helped me connect with myself, others and my surroundings on a very deep level. Yin goes beyond the mat. This is something that I knew I needed to bring to others… to help them discover that within themselves the way my teachers from Indigo Yoga Studio did for me. Although my background is in elementary school teaching, children’s media production and marketing and social media, I feel so passionate about yoga, especially Yin, and know that my future journeys include learning more and teaching this practice.

I became certified in Yin yoga in the summer of 2017 through Soghrati Yoga, and have been teaching Yin at Indigo Yoga Studio ever since.

Tanya Trunov

Being drawn to many things in the past and successfully combining many roles in the present, Tanya believes her life experience prepared her to step on the mat as a yoga teacher. She sees herself in the service of teaching and helping others on their quest towards knowledge and self-betterment.
In Tanya’s class you will be guided to connect with yourself and reflect from a place of inner-knowing. You will be combining your intuition, intellect and emotions to give yourself a right start into your day.

“In my classes you will be focusing on your breath while going through various postures to strengthen your body and clear your mind. My intention as teacher is to fill you up with positive energy and give you the perfect tools that will stay with you long after you roll up your yoga mat.”

Tony Commisso

“Follow your dream” is more than just a cliché to Tony. In 2010, Tony decided to leave a successful career as a master electrician to pursue his passion for teaching. He is now trained as yoga alliance instructor and is certified to teach vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, yoga for senior, and yoga for addiction and trauma. In support of his decision to leave his previous career of over 20 years, Tony is passionate about helping people receive all that the philosophy of yoga has to offer. His unique teaching approach is defined in his ability to hold space for others and in meeting people where they’re at. His life experiences, transformed in the form of a self-help/spiritual book, allow him to connect with students in a compassionate way. “It’s all about moving from ‘A’ to ‘B’” is the phrase that Tony often uses to encourage his students to excel in their practice. The approach he takes for most of his classes are known to be gentle yet affective. Tony also incorporates the concept of mindfulness within all of his classes and is the founder of “Meditation for Transformation,” a community of various individuals interested in the art of stillness.

“My heart is open to believe in you, but no matter how much I open my heart, it will never be enough to believe for you.”

Galina Zilberberg

As a practitioner of Yoga for more 10 years, Galina is on a journey to learn all about body movements and its capacity.
With a background in engineering and career in the industry, Galina decided to follow her passion to teach.

Galina hopes to transfer her knowledge about human body and mind to students through her Yoga classes, which inspire students to embark their own path of learning.
Through her classes, students will be encouraged to love their bodies, be inspired to move on and off the mat with awareness, while learning how to bring Yoga practice into their everyday lives.

Galina believes that in order to move well, we should learn to move in many different ways.
She continues her training with other movements specialists, and she is being open-minded to integrate new and different movement modalities, into traditional Yoga practice.
Galina integrates strength training methods, that make her classes challenging in new and exciting ways.

Also Galina is fond of long distance running. She completed four marathons and training toward qualification to Boston Marathon.
In the last 5 years Galina turned her interest to triathlon as a alternative endurance sport discipline.
She completed IRONMAN distance(3.8 km swim, 180 km bike, 42.2 km run) in 2015 & 2017.

Galina’s revolutionary approach in teaching basic Hatha asanas with detailed instructions and break down of big moves to understand body biomechanics will be beneficial for all levels and ages of yoga practitioners.

Laurie Kennedy

Having practiced yoga for over 20 years Laurie knows, first hand, the benefits it provides in her everyday life, including a mindful approach to her corporate work as a management consultant.
As a certified Yoga Instructor (Yoga Alliance RYT 200), Laurie is trained in the lineages of Classic Hatha and Ashtanga, with additional training in Yin and Restorative.
As a teacher, Laurie provides an experience beyond the strengthening and stretching of the physical body, weaving in breath control, meditation and relaxation. She offers private and group classes to help you achieve your goals, focusing on themed pose sequencing and proper alignment. Laurie believes an ongoing yoga practice helps you develop a wonderful sense of well being, clarity of mind, and peace.

Jasmine Aghajan

Jasmine discovered yoga three years ago at a tumultuous time in her life. In Yoga, she found transformation, healing, strength, surrender, love, connection… Her experiences have forged in her a passion for helping others find inner peace in their lives through Yoga. She graduated from a 200 hours Karma teacher training program in June 2016.

Jasmine teaches a class with loving-kindness and compassion, encouraging students to honour their bodies, while awakening to the strength they carry within. In her class, she guides students to cultivate a body, mind, heart, soul awareness, empowering them to move mindfully through their practice and their lives. Her intention is to hold space for students to foster self-love and acceptance and release self-limiting beliefs and behaviours. She invites students to tap into their inner power to nurture a deeper connection to self and to strengthen intuition.

Zina Klaiman

Zina discovered yoga in 2001. She truly believes that yoga can change people’s lives. Zina is a mother of three and a school teacher.

Victoria Semisotova

Keep calm and practice yoga means to be philosophical in my life now, and vice versa the philosophical approach to the life brought me to Indigo Yoga Studio almost two years ago. It is a great experience that may help to inspire you for creativity even doing daily routine.
Love, family, travelling is the base of my life. Moreover, yoga has become a valuable part in my life journey. I am proud to be a member of Indigo Yoga Family.

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